If you want to keep your golden bronze look all year long, Simply Fitness has you covered. We offer top quality tanning beds that are clean, well-maintained, and easy to access on your time. Tanning at Simply Fitness is all-inclusive, which means you can use either bed during your visit. All of our gym membership plans include tanning. 

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The Luxura V7

A Level 5 vertical tanning super bed that tans from head to toe in a hygienic and comfortable way. It has the added benefit of no white areas caused by pressure points for a more active tanning session. The Luxura V7 has 48 low pressure bulbs for a longer lasting tan.  This bed gives you the tan you want in ten minutes or less. The Luxura V7 has an iPod/MP3 Player Port and an Intracooling Fan System. This is the ONLY Level 5 Tanning Bed in the Cape Girardeau/Jackson Area. 

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The Luxura X3

This bed features clean lines, cool colors, cutting-edge technology, and it's very easy to use. The X3 includes the DecoShield to produce atmospheric LED lighting effects during use. The Luxura X3 has it all, just kick your feet up and enjoy. With MyMP3, you're able to plug your own Aux cord in enjoy some music while you tan. The X3 is a Level 4 bed, allowing you to tan for up to 13 minutes at a time.