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At Simply Fitness, our approach really is simple. We are 100 percent committed to you and your individual fitness journey. As Jackson's original 24-hour fitness center, we offer clean facilities, a knowledgeable staff, and personalized guidance all aimed at helping you get where you want to go. Our certified trainers have decades of combined experience and proven results in helping people of all ages and fitness levels become healthy and strong. Whether you are stepping into the gym for the first time or are just ready to take it to the next level, helping you achieve your goals is our priority. Schedule a free consultation today! What do you have to lose?



Certified Fitness Trainer and General Manager

As a native of Jackson, Missouri, Chaz grew up dreaming of working in the fitness industry and managing a gym. He is a competitive Strongman Athlete and father of soon to be five boys. Chaz is dedicated to making Simply Fitness a place where everyone feels welcome, no matter their fitness level. He will likely be the first one to greet you when you walk in the door. Chaz is also committed to helping you achieve your goals. He is currently studying to be an Elite Trainer. Chaz is certified in sports performance and nutrition, and will soon be certified as a transformation coach.

"Epic things, and chicken wings!" - Chaz




Certified Fitness Trainer/Nutrionist

With 12 years of training experience, Daniel is passionate about helping people live healthy lives. Throughout his career he's helped numerous clients reach their goals, including a friend who came to him when their health was in serious jeopardy, and in desperate need of a change. Daniel helped this friend lose more than 80 pounds, but also witnessed their mobility, strength, confidence, and general demeanor all improve significantly. Daniel says seeing this transformation was one of the most rewarding moments of his life, and it's the reason why he's committed to helping clients manage their health in a way that positively impacts every aspect of their life. Daniel is certified in personal training, nutrition and yoga. He primarily focuses on weight loss, mobility, and pain reduction.