the 6-week summer shred

The Challenge starts Monday, April 15th.

Groups are limited to 4 participants each.

Groups will meet 3 days per week:

  • Group 1: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 7:00am

  • Group 2: Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 12:15pm

  • Group 3: Tuesday & Thursday at 4:00pm, Saturday at 8:00am

  • Group 4: Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00pm, Saturday at 9:00am

  • Group 5: Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 6:00pm

Off-day workouts will be provided and will be optional (but will also give you the edge).

Nutrition planning and support will be provided by the fitness staff.

Fitness consultations with measurements will be done on the first day of the program, before the group session starts!

Points will be provided for total inches lost and percentage of initial body weight lost. There will be 2 total weigh-ins, at the start and end of the program. Weigh-ins from week to week are completely optional, but can be done by the fitness staff.

The participant with the most points at the end of the program will win a GRAND prize filled with $200 of goodies and gift certificates! The first 2 runners-up will also win prizes valued at up to $150!

Registration is 2 easy payments of $54.99, first on April 12th and the second on May 3rd.

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