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Healthy Living contest info and rules

Contest: $20 to play with $5 going to the Furry 5k that is happening on May 20th, the other $15 will be going into the pot. We will tell everyone the total amount of money that is collected for the challenge. Half will go to the two people who lose the highest PERCENTAGE of their body weight. The other half will go to the people with the most points at the end of the contest. You cannot win both categories so there will be 4 separate winners. If a person places in first or second place for both, they will be the winner of the pot for the percentage of weight loss only. 


Things to do before the contest:

1.      Make 7 copies of the charts (e-mailed to you upon contest registration)

2.      Read the rules and make sure you understand them

3.      Have a scale and a fitness tracker. (If you do not have a fitness tracker, you can use an app on your iOS or Android phone.)

4.      Weigh yourself on April 1st and send a picture in with your feet on the scale by 10am (this will be your starting weight).  Email picture to or text picture to 833-0283

5.       Join the Simply Fitness Healthy Living Contest group!


Points Categories:

1.      LOSE: Did you lose this week? If yes, you get 5 pts for EACH WHOLE POUND of weight you lost.

2.      ALCOHOL: You may drink alcohol ONE day a week, if you did not drink it on a day, write NO in the box on your chart, at the end of the week if you have SIX (6) NO’s, you get 15 pts.

3.      EXERCISED: 6 days a week, 30 minutes or more, must take a selfie and a picture of you work out from your fitness tracker. You only get ONE rest day, if you work out 6 days, 20 pts! You must post your selfie under the correct day. Each day the administrator will post a meme saying the day of the week’s workout goes here and you will post your selfie in the comments section.

4.      SWEETS: One day a week you get sweets, if you want them. If you have 6 days a week marked NO SWEETS on your chart, you get 15 pts. READ BELOW DEFINITION OF SWEETS.

5.      WATER: Must drink 64oz. of water a day, if you do mark YES is the appropriate box on the chart, if you have 7 YES’s you get 10 pts. TEA AND COFFEE ARE NOT WATER, you may use lemon in water or MIO drops, but that is it, you may also drink flavored water such as Vitamin Water ZERO.

6.      FRUITS/VEGGIES: Must east at least TWO fruits and TWO veggies a day.  That should be easy, so if you do, 10 pts.

7.      ENCOURAGE: Each day encourage each other by posting something nice to each other. If you do it 7 days a week, you get 5 pts.



1.      We are adults, don’t cheat. If we cannot trust you or we find out you are cheating, you will be asked to leave the group.

2.      Encourage each other, no bashing each other, we all want the same things, to be healthy and fit!

3.      Charts must be filled out and INBOXED to an administrator by Saturday Night by 9pm. I am going to be strict on this. When you weigh in on Saturdays, weigh nude and at the same time each week. Take a picture of your feet on the scale so that we can see the number and inbox them to us.




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- FREE supplement samples

- FREE Personal Training sessions with Chaz or Danny

- FREE Tanning packages