Mikayla's Time with Simply Fitness

My experience at Simply Fitness so far has been nothing but amazing. I’m so grateful that Danny and Chaz gave me the opportunity to be a personal trainer at the facility. I’ve been training at Simply Fitness for a little over nine months now and I’ve already learned so much. Granted I did have some experience before starting but now I have more knowledge and well-rounded in the health and fitness industry. The atmosphere here is different than most gyms I’ve been too. At Simply Fitness the staff and trainers get to know the members on a personal level so everyone feels welcomed and not like they are just going to a gym. Some of my favorite moments working here was when we held the powerlifting meet. That was the first meet I’ve ever been to and all the people I met were awesome and gave it their all. There was three lifts, bench, squat, and deadlift. Watching this meet is actually what got me interested in powerlifting training. The other event we held was the Furry 5K which was another favorite because everyone brought their animals. There is always new things happening at Simply Fitness and that’s just one of many reasons why I love working here and what I do!

Meet Mikayla Davis