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Woke Up: 6:00am

Weight: 254.4lbs

Build a Better Butt

Ate a little more than I should have yesterday. It was my oldest son’s birthday so we had some cupcakes and spaghetti and meatballs and if anyone knows me they know Italian food is my weakness. I am SUPER SORE from yesterday’s leg workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done front squats and barbell walking lunges and I can tell. My rear end is on FIRE!! Lol

I get asked a lot especially by female clients how to work their glutes, or more often “How can I firm up my butt?” There are a host of different opinions on this topic. I’m sure you’ve seen the fitness competitors on Instagram showing off pictures of their hindquarters and giving “tips” on how they target their “glutes”. So instead of giving you a whole list of complicated exercises that look ridiculous, let me give you 3 bread and butter workouts that are sure to raise your rear to newfound lusciousness.


Wide Leg Squat – Place a barbell across your shoulders. Get your feet further than shoulder width apart and point your toes out slightly. Focus on pushing your hips back and going just too parallel, then really push your hips forward at the top and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can. Don’t be afraid to go moderately heavy with these. Do 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps at a challenging weight.

Walking Lunges with weight – The ULTIMATE Butt Builder! This is by far my favorite exercise for smoking the glutes. Holding a barbell across your back I find targets the glutes more while holding dumbbells will emphasize the quads because it causes you to lean forward. However I encourage you to try both to see which works best for you. I recommend 2-3 sets of 10 reps per leg using a weight that’s challenging, but that you can control.

Kettlebell Swings – These bad boys will not only hit your glutes, but will also get your heart pumping, causing a muscle building and fat burning effect. Remember to use your hips to swing the weight not your arms! Squeeze your glutes hard at the top of each rep. I like to do these for rounds. For instance, do 5 rounds of 30 seconds of swings followed by 30 seconds. This is a great finisher to your lower body workouts.

I encourage you to try these exercises and let me know how you liked them (or if you did like them) Now… on to my WOD




Workout of the Day:

Behind the Neck Strict Press - 5x10 @ 135lbs

Incline Barbell Press – 250lbs x 20 reps in as many sets as it takes

Incline Chest Supported Dumbbell Row – 3x8-10

Standing EZ Bar Curl – 3x6-8

Dumbbell Shrugs – 3x12-15

Floor Skulls – 3x6-8

15 minutes of light conditioning on bik 


Chaz Wilson

Fitness Manager - Simply Fitness