Live Well & Flourish

Hey everybody! It's that time again; late January. A time of new found strength and hope for those who have managed to stick to their New Year's Resolution thus far.  Sadly,  its at about this time that many of us find ourselves either beginning to stray from our goals,  or having abandoned them completely. Neilsen Analytics has "Lose Weight" as the number one most common resolution amongst American citizens, and also that only 64% of those stick to their goal past one month.  I believe that a large part of the problem in this situation is in the nature of the resolution itself,  and that's what today's blog is about. We need to take a closer,  yet broader look at exactly what we want to achieve and how we're going to go about doing so.

       It's time to reevaluate your resolution.  Losing weight is a great and worthy goal; but in my personal opinion,  it is only one of many aspects of life that we need to be attentive to in order to progress in any area. We need to be healthy socially,  financially,  in our family life, and spiritually as well. Attempting to correct one area while disregarding any other is akin to fixing the kitchen sink when the well is the problem.

    So,  instead of resolving to lose weight,  I believe that the majority of us should instead resolve to "Live Well", or "Flourish". These particular wordings draw directly from Aristotle's writings on Eudaimonia, or "the state of having fulfilled your potential and living well". I find those to be very admirable goals that every one of us can continually strive for.  Furthermore,  the clients that i've seen achieve the greatest success are those who are determined not just to change their weight,  but to improve the overall quality of their entire life.

      In aspiration to better "Live Well", I challenge you to evaluate your negative habits in all aspects of your life,  and address them with positive progress in mind.  So yes,  get to the gym, and eat healthy! However, I suggest that we do so while we also build positive relationships,   nurture healthy financial habits, take extra time to really talk to a family member,  read,  pray,  meditate, sing,  paint,  whatever works for you!

     Every step in the right direction will further solidify your commitment and dedication, all while improving numerous aspects of your life. With this mindset,  it's my belief that you will set yourself up for a life filled with success,  both on and off of the scale. 

Flourish,  my friends!

-Daniel B