Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke; Unnecessary Gluten Free Diets

Over the last few years, there has been a large shift, in the United States, towards gluten free diets and away from other fad diets that had preceded it.  For people that need to be gluten free, this diet is a necessity, but is it the right choice for people who are just trying to be healthy?

To begin, let’stake a look into what gluten and celiac disease are, and what the diet is about.  Gluten, for those that do not know, is a general name for proteins that are found in wheats.  Having problems digesting gluten and having adversereactions to gluten, are both problems that affect a large amount of people. When someone has one of these problems they are known to be Gluten Intolerant (troubles digesting) or they have Celiac disease (adverse reactions).  To clarify, Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where after ingesting gluten, the small intestine begins to attack itself, which will lead to the destruction of the GI tract and possible death if nothing is done about it.  With this being known, the most logical response to this problem is to stop eating gluten.  This simple fix was all sufferers needed to stop all the discomfort from the gluten, but as we all know, it did not stop there.  Though there may be benefits to cutting some gluten from the diet, many took it took an extreme that was not needed.

When going ‘gluten free’ became a popular fad diet there were plenty of people that jumped on board in order to live a healthier lifestyle, but it may not have been all they expected. Even with all of the rumors about how much healthier gluten free food was, people who were not dieting out of necessity started showing signs of weight gain and an increased risk of Cardiovascular disease.  A lot of this has been cause by all of the refined gluten-free products put into a lot of the newer Gluten-Free Diet available foods.  This, along with the greater absorption of nutrients from the high protein, high fat diet, people have really started to see negative effects from following this diet strictly.

This is such a life-saving diet for those who suffer from Gluten Intolerance and Celiac disease but isn’t a necessary measure for people who are just looking to lose or maintain weight.  For anyone that has thought about doing this diet, when it is unnecessary, give a low carb diet a try.  Since Gluten is a wheat protein, going gluten free will cut your carbs significantly, if not completely, so a low carb diet with plenty of exercise will give you a safer way to potentially reach your desired results.