Less is More

Daily Blog

Monday 1/30/2017

Chaz Wilson/Fitness Manager

Woke Up: 5:45 am

Weight: 258


Dieting went out the window this weekend for the most part. Friday was excellent… Saturday not so much. Donuts for breakfast and Burger King for lunch made for a disastrous but fulfilling cheat day. I redeemed myself at supper with some shrimp scampi served over whole wheat linguine. Saturday was a fun workout though. I did 5x5 on deadlifts followed by some Frame carries and sandbag loads. Simple yet effective and challenging. Keep in mind that every single training session does not have to destroy you in order to make progress. Sometimes, less is more. If you go hard all the time eventually you will burn out. That’s why it’s paramount that you listen to your body and know when you need to back off for a day or two or sometimes an entire week. We call this a “deload”. In other words you are still “working out” but you are training at submaximal weights and a submaximal intensity. This is a great way to still make progress while giving your body a break from the rigors of your regular exercise routine.

In other news… I found a Strongman competition in May that I’d really like to participate in. It’s called the “Clash for Cash” in Memphis TN on Beale St. there will be food and beer sampling and all the other Memphis in May festivities. Next time I’ll talk about how entering a contest or event of some sort can really take your training and nutrition to the next level. But for now… Adios

Today’s Training:

Barbell Clean and Press 5x5@185 lbs

Pull Ups 5x8


Rope Face Pulls 5x12

Zydrunas Press 2x8

3-way shoulder raise 3x10/10/10

Bicep Curl 3x20


Tricep Pushdown 3x30