Be a Little Extra Thankful This Year

What does Thanksgiving mean to me?  Point blank… my family.  My family means the world to me.  I do what I do on a daily basis for my family.  I stay healthy for my family and I try to keep my family healthy, as well.  At Simply Fitness, I strive to treat each and every member as a member of my family, too.  I greet every member with a smile… if it’s raining, I will hold the door open for you, and if you need that extra push on your last set, I will be right behind you.  I know most people work hard to do the same for their family... just being there to help.

As we approach the holidays, family becomes more and more important to us.  Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, exchanging Christmas gifts, and ringing in the New Year… (in the words of one of my favorite singers, “The best is yet to come…” – Frank Sinatra).  But for some people, this time of year is very hard… be it they might have lost a family member, they might not have the extra money to buy everything for a large Thanksgiving dinner, or they might not have the extra money to make it home to their family for the Holiday. 

As you sit down to lunch or dinner this Thanksgiving, be sure to hold your family’s hand tight as you pray for the food that God has blessed you with.  The world is an ugly place, and because of that, there may be a family that has an empty chair at the table due to the senseless Police violence that has packed our news channels lately.  Also, remember and thank those Heroes out there serving and protecting us so we CAN sit down to eat with our family in a safe environment.


Yours in Health and Wellness,

Danny G. | Simply Fitness General Manager

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