A Day In The Life of Danny: A Dad, a Husband, a General Manager AND a Personal Trainer

My day starts off right before my alarm clock starts ringing.  Yeah, my 3 month old “Bash” (short for Sebastian) needs a bottle.  I get out of bed as quietly as possible because I know my wife (known as Sammy) has a long day ahead of her at work gearing up for the holidays.  Change Bash, feed Bash, Bash is back asleep.  Jeter, my 5-year old, is about to wake up for school.  I click his light on and say “good morning” and I’m greeted with “ehhhh” from under the mountain of pillows and blankets.  Looks like another morning of changing his clothes while he’s 90% asleep (there’s my morning workout!).  This part of my morning ends with carrying the 50 lbs Jeter to the car so Sammy can drive him to school!

I grab a pack of oatmeal and a banana for breakfast and throw a pre-made meal in my lunchbox for lunch.  It’s still dark as I leave for the gym; I’m tired still, but I get a welcoming phone call from my wife, Sammy, that keeps me awake.  Today is Monday morning, so when I get to the gym, I have my 6:30am client warming up on the treadmill at 6:20am (what a beautiful sight).

Mondays from there are absolutely crazy and devoted to clients, vendors, and my fellow employees.  Chaz starts the day by running his 7am group training session through a grueling leg workout followed immediately by our staff meeting.  After that, Chaz and myself sit down and talk about each other’s schedule this week including personal training session, meetings, website material, and video shoots all while eating my banana and oatmeal and washing it down with my protein shake!  Oh, it’s 9am, time for my group training session!  Another grueling leg workout for these ladies and the morning is almost gone.  Next up is my long-time 1-on-1 training client, Paul, who is preparing for knee surgery in about a month; you can’t tell though because he knocks his squats out like he loves them!

As my shift comes to an end that afternoon, it’s about time for my favorite phone call of the day: “What’s for dinner, honey?”  It’s October, so I stop at the movie store to get Jeter a Halloween cartoon and Sammy wants to watch Hocus Pocus for the millionth time.  Get home, change Bash, feed Bash, Bash is back asleep!  Jeter wants to watch his Halloween cartoon on the “big tv” in the living room, which is code for family time!  Halfway through the movie, Jeter is in his room battling with his dinosaurs so we casually (quietly) change the movie to Hocus Pocus or something of equal entertainment!  Bash is up…change Bash, feed Bash, Bash is back asleep!  Whew!

Before I know it, its bed time!  I check my gym bag to make sure I have my coveted Simply Fitness polo for my Tuesday all folded up.  I run some bottles through the sink, clean, sanitize, and dry!  I’m in the kitchen already so Jeter gives me a shout, “Dad, I’m thirsty” which is code for strawberry milk time!  Pop on some Veggie Tales for that little guy and he’s out within about 15 minutes!  Remember, it’s October, so me and my wife are taking a memory refresher on The Walking Dead to prepare for the upcoming season premiere.  It’s the first episode of our evening, about halfway through, and my wife is out like a light.

Run through my to-do list, reminders, and calendar events for Tuesday and that ladies and gentlemen is it for me!

Until next time my Simply Fitness Family! -Danny G