What is the Journey to a Better You Program?

Here at Simply Fitness, we pride ourselves on helping everybody reach their full potential.  The Journey To A Better You contest is looking for an individual who needs a continual push from January to December.  This is a personal training program that is personalized and customized to fit YOU.  You will meet with a trainer 2 days per week and a nutritional adviser 1 day per week.  The trainer will design a workout plan to fit your needs and goals, so prepare to have a minimum of 4 days per week of workouts.  You will have full access to all Group Fitness classes and our new FitFab Program, but these are NOT requirements.  

You get a 50% monthly discount on personal training, so there is some monetary investment involved.  The physical, mental, and emotional investment is the most important thing to remember.  On top of all that, you will be granted FREE 24/7 Access from January through December of 2018.  Your reward for completion of this Journey is (obviously) a brand new you, but also a full FREE 24/7 Access Membership for the entire year of 2019 too!  All together, this program is a $2500 value.


1) Obtain a doctor's release to perform physical activity

2) Commit to one full year of exercising and following a personalized eating plan

3) Sign a waiver to have images posted on Social Media and our website

4) A monthly draft for your personal training package (if you have any questions about this, just give us a call!)

5) Nutritional supplements are a necessity, so our nutritional adviser will give you recommendations based on your progress

6) You MUST have the will to want to change, the trainer and adviser are there for support, you are putting in 99.9% of the work!

7) NEW FOR 2018!  Once you apply below, a member of our fitness staff will contact you soon.  You will then have to prepare a video of why YOU should be one of our next TWO 2018 Journey to a Better You participants!

If you believe you can meet these requirements, then fill out the form below and share your story with us!  You can also send us a video application (these will be strongly considered) by including your name, a little about yourself, and your story!  You can email it to admin@simplyfitco.com