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all-Inclusive membership packages

Our all-inclusive membership packages include access to gym (extended hours or 24/7), UV tanning sessions, complimentary weekly HIIT training sessions, up to 30% off one-on-one personal training packages, exclusive nutritional supplement discounts, and a FREE t-shirt!


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group personal training

fit fab: Jackson's hottest personal training program!

Our Fit Fab Program is currently Jackson's Hottest Group Personal Training program!  It took our fitness department over a year to perfect every detail of the program.

Join small semi-private classes of 3-6 clients, where you can workout with others with the same goal plus get the one-on-one attention without paying hundreds of dollars a month!

You can pick from early morning classes, mid-day classes or evening classes.  Classes meet either 2 or 3 days per week so you get full-body workouts every class!

Nutritional coaching and accountability is included for every client

Don't know what Group Personal Training is?  Click Here to learn more!



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